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Custom Floors by Ken

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Sportssurfacespros.com/Custom Floors by Ken has a large inventory for all of our flooring needs. With local and nationwide service, we can get your school gym or athletic center floored in no time!

Athletic Flooring Options

Rubber Sports Floors

Padded and Poured Floors

Polyurethane Poured Floors

Basketball and Volleyball Courts and Lines

Tennis Courts

Custom Flooring Options

Need game lines painted on your floor? Let Sportssurfacespros.com/Custom Floors by Ken do it! We also paint on team logos and can customize your flooring design.

Athletic Floor Specialists

Our team of expert sales professionals will recommend the very best sports flooring product for your specific needs and requirements, whether it's for a gym, weight room, locker room, aerobic room, athletic clubs, common area, or multipurpose facility.

Our high performance synthetic sports surfaces are designed for uncompromising performance, and many of them use recycled or recyclable materials for environmental friendliness. With a wide selection of performance hardwood floors, rolled vinyl floors, rubber flooring, pad and pour systems, wet area flooring, and modular flooring products available, SportsSurfacesPros has the athletic surface that's perfectly suited to your needs.

Custom Floors by Ken

From concept to completion, our experienced team of sales and installation professionals can handle the entire project and will work closely with you to meet your specific timeline and budget requirements. If you want an athletic floor for your facility that's custom tailored to your unique requirements, please contact us today!

Pad and Pour Polyurethane

One of the toughest and most durable sports flooring solutions is a pad and pour polyurethane. It is suitable for basketball and other indoor activities while standing up to high point loads and rolling loads. If you need a surface for sports that can also withstand heavy equipment, a pad & pour polyurethane is an excellent option. It is common in field houses and multipurpose areas and it is the only sports flooring system that is completely seamless.

Painting and Striping

The first step in designing your layout is to identify what sports will be played on your floor. Since tape is strictly prohibited on a finished wood floor, you’ll want to make sure each type of sport has the proper lines painted. If you have a sport that is only played once or twice a year and don't want the lines painted permanently, we have temporary paint options available.

Once you’ve nailed that down, it’s time to work with our artist to come up with a design that meets your budget and aesthetic taste. Do you want a border? How about a center court logo? Any school or mascot names? Would you like to stain the three point arc or maybe paint the lanes? The choices are endless.

Recycled Rubber with EPDM

This particular type of rubber flooring is intended for practicality rather than competitive game play. If you are considering flooring options for a weight room, training room, or fitness center, this is the ideal surface. Recycled rubber with EPDM chips is commonly available in easy-to-install rolls or tiles. They're designed to work for all kinds of people performing all kinds of activities. Choose from an array of colors, patterns, textures and thicknesses.